Forbrug og Frihed. At tænke som en rejsende: Medbring kun det, du har brug for.

Forbrug og Frihed. At tænke som en rejsende: Medbring kun det, du har brug for.

“Removing ourselves from the culture of consumption that surrounds us allows wonderful habits to emerge in our lives: contentment, gratitude, freedom from comparison, and the opportunity to pursue greater significance.

Breaking free from excessive consumerism is an essential step not just for a simplified life, but for any life that desires to be lived intentionally. How then can we realize this freedom and what steps can we take to break free? I have come to realize this is not an easy step for people and there are no easy shortcuts. Consumerism has been branded into our hearts and souls our entire lives. It is going to take more than a few pages in a book to overcome it. But I believe strongly that given the chance to understand and embrace these following principles, it can be overcome in our lives. Believe it is possible. There are numerous people throughout history and the present who have adopted a minimalist lifestyle. They have rejected materialism and overcome consumerism. Find motivation in their example and know you can join their ranks. Victory always begins there. Adopt a traveler’s mentality. When we travel, we take only what we need for the journey. As a result, we feel lighter, freer, more flexible. Adopting a traveler’s mindset for life provides the same benefit— not just for a weeklong vacation, but in everything we do. Adopt a mindset that seeks to carry only what you need for the journey.”

Fra Clutterfree with Kids af Joshua Becker

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